When considering home remodels or additions, several factors are often contemplated before embarking on a project. One major consideration is always cost. If you have a budget available for a major home improvement and are weighing options for what to do with that cash, there are some great advantages to going with improving outdoor spaces vs those indoors.
Comparing these types of projects is very difficult, as each project is unique and each home presents its own set of logistical challenges. However, an average 800 square foot basement finishing project vs. an average 800 square foot StoneBilt patio project is an interesting comparison.
For less than half the cost per square foot of a basic professionally finished basement, a reputable contractor can install a high-quality, beautiful StoneBilt Concepts patio in your yard. Add some extras like a fire pit and a seat wall to your project and you are enjoying 300 days of Colorado sunshine in a beautiful outdoor living room that still cost less than the 4 walls and no bathroom you got in your basement; now that’s bag for your buck…

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